Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashionista's Today!

What to get married in at the moment??? MARCHESA. Long or short, Pixie or Princess dream. You choose.

Jody Quon, W magazine's Creative Director has resigned after less than 6 months on the job. Quote from WWD about Stefano Tonichi's, W Magazine's Editor and the hirer of Ms. Quon, thoughts on this:

" "Very sad, very sad," said Tonchi in an interview on Friday afternoon, talking about his reaction to the news.

And why did she leave? "Very much that she didn't feel comfortable anymore and kind of agreed that it was maybe not the best match," he said, describing her reasons for leaving.

Tonchi said he was surprised by the decision but knew something was afoot when he returned from the fashion shows in Europe.

"I really came back 10 days ago and there was a lot of tension in the office, much more than before," he said."

Hm....Jody Quon is wonderful so I wonder Very Much what has happened behind the scenes...!!!


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