Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Style Icons of the Moment

So Many Inspiring Girls:)!!!!!!!

Cute Cool Rules:)

Stay Original.

(images from TFS)

Fashionista's Today: Monsieur Pierre Cardin to show in Paris

Quote from WWD: WWD: What inspired you for your return to the Paris catwalk?

P.C.: Showing that the brand still exists as a creative force — that’s what drives me. And I notice that what I do early on becomes commercial some 15 or 20 years later. I’m always ahead of the curve.

WWD: Do you still have a lot of demand for couture?

P.C.: Our clients are very elegant and very faithful. The global clientele for haute couture has declined, but I must have around 100 customers a year who buy three, four, five or six dresses at a time. They are very discreet women who want to remain out of the spotlight. We don’t sell ready-to-wear here [at the flagship Paris boutique located at 27 Avenue de Marigny]. Everything you see in the windows is haute couture, and the dresses are made in our atelier here. I have some 80 seamstresses working for me, including around 50 in my factory in Châteaurenard, which acts as an extension of the atelier here because I don’t have enough space. Given my age, a lot of them have been with me for at least 30 years. I don’t produce seasonal collections, because as you can see, I sketch very quickly. I can do 100 sketches per hour!
WWD: You also plan to stage a show in New York in October. Why?

P.C.: My aim is to boost my sales in the U.S. and to raise my profile among young people. Since I don’t get a lot of press coverage, young people don’t know who I am. I want to show them I am still avant-garde and that I produce original designs, and I also want to help my licensees, who rely on my creativity, after all. Unfortunately, they produce very classic outfits for men. I wish they picked up my designs. Instead, they produce this fusty, bourgeois stuff. It drives me to desperation, because I bring them my original designs to copy. That is the purpose of their licenses. I don’t know why, they just won’t do it. We really need someone to drum up new licenses there. They could make a killing, because my designs are very youthful. All you see is these old Hart Schaffner Marx suits for old men. It makes me ashamed to even look at them. We haven’t made much of an effort there, I have to admit it’s partly my fault. Business is strong; it’s not a small country. I make a lot of money, but not as much as I should. It’s not about making money, of course, but about having a presence. I am ambitious, you understand.”

WWD: Have you ever considered hiring a young designer to revitalize your brand?

P.C.: No, because I have five people sketching for me who are very young. And I think the young designers of today are less avant-garde than I am. I’m still in good shape, I work every day."

He is 88 years old. How impressive is this. Truly an Inspiration to keep on being an artist.

(image and source WWD)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Love of Today: Dolce Gabbana and Their Spring 2011 Collcetion

White white white, how many variations of a white dress/ outfit can one create? Let Dolce Gabbana count the ways...!!!!

The customers will run to the stores of Dolce Gabbana. Girls and Women still want to look Beautiful Prettily Sexy.

Such A Stunner.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Charlie le Mindu, Ashley Isham, Daks and Antipodium

Charlie le Mindu....extraordinary Again:) Wonderfullly great wigs and structured dresses of hair?? TALENT!!! Images 1-4 shot by my assistant Kathryn Hassan:)

Ashley Isham went Oscars glamour all the way. Some looks even looking like armor, to protect the flower headpiece which I actually fell in love with. Images 5-8 by Kathryn.

Daks, perfectly tailored day wear. Sleek black simple dresses, cool loose fitting pants (fell in love with these yellow ones) to mix with super cool sunnies. Images 9-11 as shot by Kathryn.

Antipodium showed wonderful prints. The long hemmed sheer printed dress= perfection. Too the baby blue print was a stand out making nudes, army green and khakis looking amazing. Images 12-14 as shot by me.

Love of Today: Maurizio Pecaoraro's Spring 2011 Collection

Gypsian Glamour ala 70's Anita Pallenberg and the gang. J'adore the bloomers/ shorts...that fabric too adores a neckline on the full length dress later on.

Lovely Show!

Maurizio Pecararo

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Shilpa Spring 2011

Whimsical fantastical Creations.

For a special Lady maybe? Like in Gaga.

Little Shilpa


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Erdem Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection

An Ethereal Victoriana Lady Wondering Around in Her Garden= Erdem Spring 2011

The prints, lace, colors and cut...!!! Perfection.

Such Brilliance!

In my opinion it's Mr. Erdem's best Collection Ever.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alexander McQueen Memorial

Source WWD: LONDON — “Little white flowers will never awaken you, not where the dark coach of sorrow has taken you.”

The haunting voice of Icelandic singer Björk reverberated through St. Paul’s Cathedral here Monday at a grand memorial service for the late Lee Alexander McQueen, who took his own life last February at age 40.

Dressed in an otherworldly McQueen outfit — a top of thin, molded wood resembling angel wings and a long feathered skirt — Björk poured into song a sense of loss, and the demons that haunted the British designer.

“It was a life lived in the public gaze, but it was as vulnerable and retiring as it was glamorous,” the Reverend Canon Giles Fraser told the 1,200 guests, who included Sarah Jessica Parker, Daphne Guinness, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Karen Elson, Stella Tennant, Stella McCartney, Hussein Chalayan, Antonio Berardi, Roland Mouret, Philip Treacy and Shaun Leane. “Despite the dazzle of his world, he never forgot his East End roots and how much he owed to his loved ones,” said Fraser.

Others in the crowd that gathered under the gilded dome of Sir Christopher Wren’s Renaissance church included retailers Joe Boitano of Saks Fifth Avenue, Marigay McKee of Harrods, Selfridges’ Anne Pitcher, Brown’s owner Joan Burstein, Lane Crawford’s Jennifer Woo and Joyce president Andrew Keith."

"After the service, the congregation — some of them smiling, others wiping away tears — gathered in the sunshine to listen to the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland assembled on the cathedral steps. The musicians were dressed in black — with flourishes of red tartan — and the feathers on their tall, brimless hats fluttered in the breeze as they played.

Nyman, who played an acoustic piano solo during the memorial, remembered McQueen as a gracious man. “He commissioned a piece from me for the Paris collection where Kate Moss appeared as a hologram,” Nyman said after the service. “He never used it, and he called me to apologize, and asked me to go to the Bond Street store to pick something out for myself, which I never actually did. That was my only contact with him. It was a very moving experience to play today.”

“All of it was absolutely fitting, just beautiful, and typically Lee didn’t show up,” said Guinness with a smile from beneath her black veil, referring to the late designer’s tendency to cancel at the last minute, or pull a no-show. “I was like ‘Lee, where are you? You should be here.’”

“It was just beautiful and he would have loved it,” said Campbell, tottering on sky-high McQueen heels.

Like many female guests, Parker was decked out in McQueen. “This is new, this is fairly new,” she said, referring to her billowing cream dress and a rib-hugging black tuxedo jacket.

“It was perfect,” a rueful Parker said of the service. “I wouldn’t have missed this for anything in the world. It was just a wonderful way to remember him. It was just beautiful.”

Moss said she was moved by the service. “He would have loved it,” said the model, who was dressed in a black leather skirt and black jacket. She added that her abiding memory of McQueen was “his infectious laugh. We laughed together all the time.” "

I LOVED Mr. Alexander Lee McQueen. I will never get to see one of his shows which has been my dream since I was a teen since he was one of the designer (the only one??) whom could move me to tears. May he rest in peace.

(Images and text from WWD)