Friday, September 24, 2010

Charlie le Mindu, Ashley Isham, Daks and Antipodium

Charlie le Mindu....extraordinary Again:) Wonderfullly great wigs and structured dresses of hair?? TALENT!!! Images 1-4 shot by my assistant Kathryn Hassan:)

Ashley Isham went Oscars glamour all the way. Some looks even looking like armor, to protect the flower headpiece which I actually fell in love with. Images 5-8 by Kathryn.

Daks, perfectly tailored day wear. Sleek black simple dresses, cool loose fitting pants (fell in love with these yellow ones) to mix with super cool sunnies. Images 9-11 as shot by Kathryn.

Antipodium showed wonderful prints. The long hemmed sheer printed dress= perfection. Too the baby blue print was a stand out making nudes, army green and khakis looking amazing. Images 12-14 as shot by me.

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