Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Natalia Vodianova

Kate Moss was not my first love, if we are talking models, it was Natalia Vodianova.

I think it started in 2001, after I saw a fashion spread photographed by Ellen von Unwerth and styled by Grace Coddington in Italian Vogue starring Madame Vodianova ( the 6 top images here). This story too made me want to become a stylist. I still to this day Highly Love this story.

At work, I printed out millions of inspiration images and I created a collage that said: Model of the Year 2001 that I put up above my desk.

I then got to work with her for our Style & Entertainment issue. We organized a "party" with Natalia and her husband, Justin Portman inviting their friends. Among them: Maria-Carla Boscono and Frankie Ryder. Their oldest son (the other 2 were yet to be created) was there as well. Mimi Lombardo styled and I assisted her. I was in heaven. She is magic in front of the camera. I too Loved Maria Carla!!! such an Italian girl at heart.

Anyways, here is for you to enjoy.


victoria thorne said...

Alice--I completely agree. Natalia is splendid, that "one in a zillion." Completely enchanting: a great artist. (And she just gets better.)

Thanks so much for stopping by the blogs...to answer your questions, a bit...they are the things I love best (and have worked in, all my life): art, design, books, photography, home (to include those you care for deeply). So the two blogs sort of run side by side, and every once in awhile (like yesterday), I'll love something so much that is goes on both (i.e., your Cecil Beaton pics).

I love collaborating, when it is with someone who shares vision. Best way to create, often, great art.

Alice Saga said...

Dear Victoria:

that sounds wonderful. I actually do the same now, if I love something a LOT, I'll do posts on both my blogs. I guess because we are only 1 person and when one things occupies the mind, it's hard to divide into other things.

Happy to have met you now, even though it's only via the internet.