Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Lady

I watched this woman, sitting having lunch with her daughter, when I was at The Crown and Greyhound
drinking some chablis with a friend the other day.

I was in awe and could Not stop staring. Especially when she ended up being in her own world, staring out the window.

For a moment the daughter left clearly annoyed (she had gotten cold water in a warm cup......ohalalala), anyhow, we glanced at each other and I took to courage and asked if I please could take her picture?

- I don't mind, she said.

What an Adorable Lovely Lady!!

Too a Wonderful place for a Sunday afternoon. Or a Sunday brunch. The whole of London's Dulwhich people comes out then. And they go to The Crown and Greyhound, 73 Dulwhich Village, SE21 7BJ, Tel: +44 (0) 208 299 4976. To close to the Stunning Park of Dulwhich.


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