Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I can not Agree More here. Bridget Foley excerpts of her article in Women's Wear Daily " The Weighting Blame":

"....Despite the best intentions of industry educational initiatives concerning early warning signs, among the bounty of people with whom models come in contact during the course of their work — designers, photographers, stylists, editors, hair and makeup artists, agency executives and bookers, the assistants to all of the above and on and on — who are truly equipped to make sound judgments, at least before a case reaches the obvious-to-all crisis point? These people are not medical personnel, psychologists, social workers or hall wardens. Their primary job is, well, their primary job — getting the show staged or shoot completed as exquisitely as possible; expecting them to be confident, accurate monitors of whom among the skinny girls is too skinny is asking too much.

....Parents who are raising or have raised teenagers know it’s a challenge. That’s with your own kids, over whom you ostensibly have some control. To expect the fashion industry to function in loco parentis to legions of pretty, lanky adolescents who have been released by their parents into the care of twentysomething bookers, and who, once so released, can probably be trusted to act like teenagers, which is to say at least sometimes engage in behavior of which adults might not approve and might be dangerous — especially in such un-fun, nothing-to-do places as New York and Paris — is absurd. So, too, is the suggestion that the industry is primarily responsible when tragedy strikes."

A thought. A Thought that I agree on quite strongly. I love Madame Foley.

The whole article to be read HERE!


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