Monday, September 14, 2009

Elise Overland S/S 2010 Collection

The Queen of the Skinny Leather Pants (Noone makes them better than miss's made to order)

It's good to see her expand her collection to other fabrics than leather. I think she did a wonderfully cool job for Spring 2010.

Loved that she put color in the show.

On a Side Note:
She is friends with one of this earth's coolest girl....Hope Atherton!!

I'll never forget one time when we where shooting Hope in her (wonderfully bohemian) apartment, her having a party for her arty friends(we were creating a story for Style and Entertainment, a twice a year magazine for The New York Times at the time)!!! Me and Tony Melillo came early to dress all the friends who would come to the party. Of Course we styled Hope and her sister first so that they could choose whatever they wanted from our clothing rack of next season's clothes. Hope demanded she wore Elise Overland!!! She was literally Laying on the floor to force the pants on (that is how tight they were), hahaha!! ohlalala. It must have been the way people put their jeans on in the 70's. Anyhow, she looked Killer in the leather Pants!! I guess she has the body to be able.


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