Thursday, July 16, 2009

Inspirations from Laura

Laura is a a photography student who just started helping me a little bit. She will start by blogging once a week, either here on Coquette or on my blog Alice in Wonderland.

This is her inspirations as of this week:

"One of my favorite photographers is Paolo Roversi(image 2). His traditional technique creates a beautiful soft, dreamlike quality in his work which I think works very well to complement the romantic styling often found in his shoots.

Photographs from a past Stella McCartney campaign, shot by Mary McCartney (image 1) has always been one of my favorite campaigns and spurred my interest in photography and styling.

Another favorite photographer of mine is Sally Mann(image 3). Her work can be extremely moody and raw at times, but she also often manages to create a very soft, dreamlike look.


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