Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm finishing reading a very interesting article from Vanity Fair UK about the Arthur's of The New York Times and their paper going down.........reading Joyce Carol Oates: The Falls......watching Big Love season my UK library card yesterday so borrowed lots of books about Vermeer.......had a Lovely morning walk... sister,lin, is officially now the Fashion Editor of Lurve so I am helping her with contacting all pr offices in London to introduce the magazine to them........helping my sister plan/request clothes for a shoot for Lurve........ eating eggs on a sandwich now......going to a few galleries tomorrow with my wonderful friend now all that is left to say:

Have a happy wonderful Weekend!!!

I will blog about my Berlin trip and behind the scenes of my last 2 shoots next week.

And Yes, that is me as a 2 year old waving Hi to you All.


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