Thursday, March 5, 2009

Josefin H/ Elite Stockholm

I am working on a second story for the new magazine Lurve. In style terms, it's my white story.

We hope to get darling Josefin H/ Elite Stockholm as the model. I've styled her a couple of times before and I just love her, such a sweetheart who happens to be Stunning. Yes, stunning.

I'll include some images here of her.

(images 1-4 by Jon Bergman, images 5-7 is by Linda Portman Sagum)


Stefan A said...

I'm a big fan of the model Josefin Hedström! I really love her so much :) I just wanted to thank you for the amazing images. I can't believe that I finally found something new, even if it's in 2009. It's a new images for me cause I found them after a hard search on internet - it takes long time - to get some new news about her. I really love her, she's really amazing. Please if there any other images I need them :) Thanks!

Best wishes

Alice Solantania Saga said...

Dear Stefan:

This is her with a wig:

These are also from 2009 I think.

I might have more personal images in my old computer. She is a lovely lovely girl.


Stefan A said...

Thank you so so much for every thing. I really want more if there is :) Thanks again. She's really very lovely and so beautiful.

Yours sincerely

Anonymous said...

I need your help! I just need more images of beautiful Josefin Hedström. I can't stand a day without a new photo of her. It's hard to find new ones on the web, at least for me! You can send me exactly anything to my e-mail below. I won't make them public I promise. Ignore me if you want to, I may sound crazy sometimes :)
Thanks alot,
Stefan A